The 6th Republic - Creative Liberation


We used to work for those big agencies. We were the hired guns they called when they had to get your job done right. We’ve switched sides.
Now we work for you.


Communication is our passion — it’s who we are. That’s why we’re in the web design business . We’ll ask you questions. We’ll listen. And we’ll always be honest.


Maybe it’s time to break away from the old design agency way of doing things. We’ll give you new ideas that you can react to.


User Interaction


Proven Track Record

As hired guns for the big agencies, we steered their most complex design and technology projects from startup to celebration. We delivered big wins for major software, entertainment and media companies – bold and dashing startups, too – in Seattle and across the US.

We founded the 6th Republic to

Our Big Secret

We admit it: we’re perfectionists. The thing is, if something’s not perfect it keeps us up at night. That’s a basic truth that unites the 6th Republic, and it’s one reason we started this company: we like to see things done right. That just makes us happy. We can’t explain why.

But you’ll probably like it too.